Friday, 18 July 2014

New pattern Arianrhod

It's been a while in the making (& testing), but at last I can reveal what's been keeping me busy this last month or so. I hope you think the wait has been worth it.

Arianrhod is a circular shawl in 3 sizes with 2 edgings for lace weight or light fingering. It's worked in a similar way to 'pi' shawls - so regular increases with bands of patterning in between which is a lot easier to work than continual increases. Every other round is knit, so a rest from the lace patterning. The edging is knitted sideways onto the shawl, so there is very little finishing to do. I would say it's suitable for the intermediate knitter.

Arianrhod means 'Silver Wheel' in Welsh and is pronounced 'ar-ree-AN-rhod'. She is also known as the Mother Goddess and so it would be lovely as a baby shawl.

It can be hard to know how to wear circular shawls, but one of the easiest is to fold in half and wrap around (using a shawl pin too if you like) so that it's a cosy double thickness.

It can also be draped across the back with the top third folded down, which can look very pretty. The large size measures about 57" across so there is plenty to try different styles with.

The pattern is available singly (with 15% discount until 27 July M/N GMT) or as part of the Celtic Myth Collection, available at a reduced price of £8.50 to include all 5 shawl patterns (3 to come).

I really hope you enjoy knitting it as much as I did. 

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