Friday, 18 July 2014

New pattern Arianrhod

It's been a while in the making (& testing), but at last I can reveal what's been keeping me busy this last month or so. I hope you think the wait has been worth it.

Arianrhod is a circular shawl in 3 sizes with 2 edgings for lace weight or light fingering. It's worked in a similar way to 'pi' shawls - so regular increases with bands of patterning in between which is a lot easier to work than continual increases. Every other round is knit, so a rest from the lace patterning. The edging is knitted sideways onto the shawl, so there is very little finishing to do. I would say it's suitable for the intermediate knitter.

Arianrhod means 'Silver Wheel' in Welsh and is pronounced 'ar-ree-AN-rhod'. She is also known as the Mother Goddess and so it would be lovely as a baby shawl.